Kosal @petitcarreau

Des FXs sur une base fournie par @CoulonDorian au menu d'aujourd'hui! Les quelques modifications opérées ont été faites dans le but d'ameliorer la lisibilité de l'action! Je reposterais plus tard ces plans avec une séquence complète! #wakfus4 #wakfusaison4 pic.twitter.com/8pauYcDA9I

2024-03-27 20:42:07
Voxyde @VoxydeVFX

Amazing work by Thomas Teisseire. This is some next level stuff 🔥 Thomas started with the premise from my Anime Run FX course and took it to the next level. You can find more information about this course here: voxyde.com/courses/anime-… pic.twitter.com/YqH3iIcR6K

2024-03-12 01:03:36
80 LEVEL @80Level

Rahul Gupta showed us the VFX work behind his latest Houdini projects, explained why mastering compositing is important, and discussed the rendering process using Karma. Read the interview: 80.lv/articles/journ… #VFX #Houdini #environmentart #art #3d #3dart #visualart pic.twitter.com/Fvtjoo565s

2024-01-24 01:00:00
U R B A N | Explosions Guy @BradeskoUrban

In case you missed it yesterday. We launched a free Anime Impact Workshop. get it here:theoryaccelerated.studio Also we have a private Community Server for all VFX artists: discord.gg/wfFRjvK9 have a good Halloween! :) pic.twitter.com/Rm5aO6T2Wb

2023-10-31 23:47:05
✨Rafles✨ @SrRafles

Water and fire packs are part of the Fresh Sale on the Unity Asset Store! (Link bellow) pic.twitter.com/oP5drPoXv4

2023-09-28 01:55:36
よっしー @bancho360

ジョンウィックのドラゴンブレス弾のシーン、2019年に発売されたゲーム「The Hong Kong Massacre」のゲーム視点まんまで劇中にその表現を巧く落とし込んでるしIMAXの大画面で観られて"スゲー!"😲って興奮した🤯 #ジョンウィックコンセクエンス pic.twitter.com/uLMhBcRjqh

2023-09-25 22:18:07
종현Jonghyun.JUNGBOIX @JonghyunJukebox

Long time no see. Some fun again. Original footage by Campus univers cascade🇨🇵 pic.twitter.com/c4PksMCxYf

2023-09-10 05:36:58
Matthieu Petit @matthieup85

A "Flame Avatar" I made for @VFXApprentice courses with Toonboon Harmony and After Effects. Here is An affiliation link to the website where you can learn 2DFX, real-time FX and also FX compositing : vfxapprentice.com/a/39323/Wq7FFD… Enjoy ! pic.twitter.com/gfz1s1rxki

2023-08-31 21:00:44
JangaFX Software @JangaFX

Collisions are getting a full revamp in EmberGen 1.1 so smoke will no longer be eaten by colliders. In this case, the collider is emitting smoke too. pic.twitter.com/EwQlmotdhW

2023-08-16 10:38:18
Gryun Kim @ytok1030

Incredible Performance of EmberGen!🤯 Mind blown by the unbelievably fast simulation results. #EmberGen #simulation @JangaFX pic.twitter.com/b8L2elzfQ0

2023-08-13 02:56:41
Nicolas Marschall @NicoMarschall

Doggo FX Animation - still not fully finished but I'm ready for some feedback, lets go twitter #2dfx #vfx #handdrawn pic.twitter.com/6QCLQYJEzJ

2023-04-15 00:25:01
Andras Ketzer @FluidNinjaLIVE

Snow: driving landscape, volumes and particles with a single ninja actor --- LIVE released 4K video: youtu.be/EJHJl5oLKd4 #FluidNinja #UE5 #realtimeVFX #VFX #gamedev pic.twitter.com/VTC6QUjJGb

2023-03-03 01:14:00
종현Jonghyun.JUNGBOIX @JonghyunJukebox

2022 Experiments compilation : Sword FX (Reupload because of cut) pic.twitter.com/x1Ld58K1jV

2022-12-31 01:31:20
こびとら @imperfectring

好きな形にアニメ調の爆発が作画できるツール作った pic.twitter.com/yrnsQcgBzu

2022-12-24 22:05:38
종현Jonghyun.JUNGBOIX @JonghyunJukebox

Maybe slightly overkill for that poor little bottle. footage by ohanashikiite(tt) My classes : many.link/jonghyunjukebox pic.twitter.com/0vvMyOr5bM

2022-12-16 22:01:25
プレイステーション公式 @PlayStation_jp

PS5™『FORSPOKEN』の美しい魔法表現の秘密に迫る! 異世界「アーシア」の過酷な環境を生き抜く──爽快な魔法バトルを最新トレーラーでチェックしよう! 詳しくはこちら⇒ playstation.eng.mg/512cd #PS5 #Forspoken #フォースポークン pic.twitter.com/Om2Jtd3Qsd

2022-11-04 00:02:58
Matthieu Petit @matthieup85

#VFX #2DFX made on #COCACOLA spot with @Simon_Valenza For The Crux Virtue, New Holland Creative - Director Brendan Savage pic.twitter.com/Hs44HlZyOU

2022-10-31 19:25:54
プレイステーション公式 @PlayStation_jp

PS5™『FORSPOKEN』──魔法パルクールのアビリティを初公開! 異世界「アーシア」を縦横無尽に駆け抜ける、多様なアビリティを披露した最新トレーラーをチェック! 詳しくはこちら⇒ playstation.eng.mg/eeea7 #PS5 #Forspoken #フォースポークン pic.twitter.com/awBelxsuiz

2022-10-28 00:01:42
Flashback Japan @flashbackj

【無償ソフトウェア】Particle Illusion Standalone 2022.5はスタンドアローンのパーティクルジェネレーターです、Windows版とmacOS版が無償で提供されます。 インストーラー取得方法及びインストール方法は、製品ページのダウンロードにてご確認ください。 flashbackj.com/product/boris-… pic.twitter.com/eUX6Ua3x0O

2022-09-27 16:51:02
D.K. @DanKantori

Takashi Hashimoto could be considered "The Master of Explosions/Effects". His works give great smoothness to each scenes and every cut is full of details ; not just the blast itself but even the surronding areas are enhanced by amazing debris effects. pic.twitter.com/AJ6ptb0zyv

2022-09-18 21:05:32
Nick Seavert @nickseavert

Some of my most realistic real-time fire to date with EmberGen pic.twitter.com/E1EmR21JZK

2022-08-30 07:28:30
Hiroshi Kanazawa @8x642

ブレンダーで作ったセルルックな爆発エフェクト いつも行き当たりばったりでなんか作ってます… #blender #b3d pic.twitter.com/LICrPM1sBH

2022-07-01 19:56:06
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