Includes all of the liver's own voice tweets, song uploads and video tweets (some by other livers) featuring mainly the liver's voice. 本人によるボイスツイート全てと歌投稿と本人の声を中心とした一部動画付きツイート(他ライバーによるものあり)を含む。

How... mysterious.

2022 年

Mysta Rias 🕵️🦊 NIJISANJI EN @Mysta_Rias

⚠️Volume Warning ⚠️ Had my first twitch stream today! 🥺

2022-02-28 10:31:32
Mysta Rias 🕵️🦊 NIJISANJI EN @Mysta_Rias

i just found out i cant sing the nagatoro op live so instead i sung it here...I DID THIS IN ONE TAKE SINCE I WAS JUST PRACTICING STUFF FOR KARAOKE ANYWAY SO LOL ok.. enjoy succy singing attempt 🥹🎵(PLEASE TWITTER COMPRESS THE SHIT OUT OF THIS SO I CAN BLAME MY BAD SINGING ON IT)

2022-03-18 02:34:05