Includes all of the liver's own voice tweets, song uploads and video tweets (some by other livers) featuring mainly the liver's voice. 本人によるボイスツイート全てと歌投稿と本人の声を中心とした一部動画付きツイート(他ライバーによるものあり)を含む。

It's showtime!

2022 年

Luca Kaneshiro 🦁 💰 NIJISANJI EN @luca_kaneshiro

【マフィア (Mafia)】 / Luca Kaneshiro Cover 🦁💰 Thank you for watching my first cover 😊💛 Original: wotaku Mix: Ike Eveland Movie: Petra Gurin Illust: KANOSE Vocals: Luca Kaneshiro

2022-02-20 13:10:27
Finana Ryugu 🐠 NIJISANJI EN @FinanaRyugu

ive never used a twitter space before, how does it even work???!

2022-02-26 16:05:12
Finana Ryugu 🐠 NIJISANJI EN @FinanaRyugu

im still thinking about how fun the Twitter space was 👉👈

2022-02-26 20:28:20
Mika Melatika 👻📌 NIJISANJI @MikaMelatika

laundry can wait i guess 👁👄👁 nina pls help me im scared

2022-05-20 20:59:48

The music video for #Luxiem's “Jazz on the Clock!!” will be out June 25th 16:00 JST! 🔻MV premiere 🔻Download & streaming #ShowTime #LuxiemChannel #NIJISANJI_EN

2022-06-25 12:00:02
Luca Kaneshiro 🦁 💰 NIJISANJI EN @luca_kaneshiro

フォニイ (phony) / Luca Kaneshiro Cover 🦁💰 Thank you and go listen to it!😊💛 Original | ツミキ Mix | azuma_tou Illust | IjimaluV Movie | riguruma Vocals | Luca Kaneshiro

2022-07-10 13:10:00
Selen Tatsuki 🏆 NIJISANJI EN @Selen_Tatsuki

『 HOPE IN THE DARK LOFI MV 』 After 5 months of hard work from the animation team, the fully animated music video will release tonight! 🕐Premiere: August 8th・ 10:30pm PST August 9th・ 1:30am EST / 2:30pm JST / 5:30am GMT

2022-08-09 06:52:50