Includes all of the liver's own voice tweets, song uploads and video tweets (some by other livers) featuring mainly the liver's voice. 本人によるボイスツイート全てと歌投稿と本人の声を中心とした一部動画付きツイート(他ライバーによるものあり)を含む。

Sorcerer? I hardly even know 'er!

2022 年

108kg @hs108bonno

PSO2👟ボイス集(耳コピ) 1. ハッ! 2. Boom headshot! 3. Im a sorcerer 4. Explode! 5. ダァッ!!(ダメボ) 6. おrrrrrrrrrrrッ! 7. Okay, here we go! 8. Oh my gosh... 9. This is my HOPE IN THE DARK! 10. Take this curse...!

2023-02-01 19:06:46
108kg @hs108bonno

11. Come at me! 12. SEGA♪ 13. Hello everyone 14. eyyy its me Shu Yamino from NIJISANJI EN 15. Let's get started! よろしく! 16. GG guys nice fight! お疲れ様でしたー 17. Oh POOOOG! 18. TSKR~! 19. Sorcerer? I hardly even know'er

2023-02-01 19:06:46
108kg @hs108bonno

20. eyyy come here Yaminions. This is my true power. fight with me in this world 21. 日本のヤミニオンの皆さん、この世界なら僕の力は見てもらえますね。一緒に戦いましょう! 22. OTSHU! See you on the other side!

2023-02-01 19:06:47

The music video for #Luxiem's “Jazz on the Clock!!” will be out June 25th 16:00 JST! 🔻MV premiere 🔻Download & streaming #ShowTime #LuxiemChannel #NIJISANJI_EN

2022-06-25 12:00:02
Selen Tatsuki 🏆 NIJISANJI EN @Selen_Tatsuki

『 HOPE IN THE DARK LOFI MV 』 After 5 months of hard work from the animation team, the fully animated music video will release tonight! 🕐Premiere: August 8th・ 10:30pm PST August 9th・ 1:30am EST / 2:30pm JST / 5:30am GMT

2022-08-09 06:52:50
Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI EN @MillieParfait

I CAN'T HELP BUT SING ALONG- 😭💗 I'm trying to match with his coolness! ILY SHU #NIJIMelodyTime

2022-08-28 06:13:49

【Virtual to LIVE Archive!】 We heard you!!! 🎵 Presenting a special section of "Virtual to LIVE" from the "Anisong Time!" at #NIJIFes2022!🎵 Thank you for supporting our Livers in this segment❤️ 🔻Watch the archive here:

2022-10-05 21:00:01

2023 年


🎉#NIJISANJI_EN first ever 3D reveal announcement!🎉 Catch 🧚🍂@PomuRainpuff's 3D reveal stream! This will complete all 3D reveals of #LazuLight so don't miss it! 🕒Jan 27 (Fri) 17:00 PDT 🔻Waiting Room: #Pomu3D #NIJISANJI3DReveal

2023-01-21 11:30:00
reira; 💮 (very busy :c) @kopijilly

shubert and sonny helped & provided the "hai! nya!" in pomu's No. 1 during her 3D debut 😯 #PomuLive #ShuClip #Brisklips

2023-01-29 11:10:45
フミ/ にじさんじ所属Vライバー @FumiVirtual

ショート動画を投稿しました🦊✨✨ 📌YouTube 海外配信者がびっくりすること/ What Surprises International Streamer… NinaさんとShuさんに協力していただきました✨✨Thanks!!! @NinaKosaka @shu_yamino Ninaさんのチャンネルでもショート投稿予定!

2023-07-05 18:27:54
Pomu Rainpuff🧚🍂NIJISANJI EN @PomuRainpuff

"When you're feeling lost...♡" オトノナルホウへ→ // Oto no naru hou e→ Cover by NIJISANJI EN❤️ Original. Goose House Illustration. @partyG00N Animations. @RoamingTuna Instrumental. @JustJaiC Mix. @azuma_tou Movie. @ryuugendrake Full MV here→

2023-07-13 11:48:43
Amicia Michella🐧NIJISANJI @AmiciaMichella

Last group cover, セカイはまだ始まってすらいない cover by @AmiciaMichella @Petra_Gurin @RezaAvanluna @shu_yamino 7 . 16 . 2023, 18:45 (GMT+7) / 20:45 (JST) (credits in reply) #AmicinSing

2023-07-14 04:02:44

開幕倒數 6 天 eyyyyyyyy 聯名咖啡廳 eyyyyyyyy 泡菜炒飯 eyyyyyyyy NIJICANCOOK eyyyyyyyy 快來訂位🍌 -活動日期:11/20(一)~12/30(六) 快來預約 OU-EN CAFE: #NIJISANJI_EN #CAPSULE #VTuber #Collaborationcafe

2023-11-14 13:00:00
Rosemi Lovelock 🌹 NIJISANJI EN @Rosemi_Lovelock

🎊🐰New Cover Announcement🐰🎊 Premiering in 5!! I'll be covering Cinderella Girl's 'Märchen Debut'! I LOVE ABE NANA 🐰✨ It was a really fun song to sing!! ART by @ MILKURIEM MIX by @ chenlin32779725 VOCALS by Rosemi Lovelock ft. Shu Yamino!! YAY 💗🛸

2023-12-18 11:55:01
Rosemi Lovelock 🌹 NIJISANJI EN @Rosemi_Lovelock

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS ―Cover by NIJISANJI EN🎄 Many EN livers and I got together to cover 12 Days of Christmas with our own twist! 🎅✨ We hope it can spread the holiday cheer! Please look forward to it 🥳✨ Art: @.suneiruuu Vocals: NijiEN

2023-12-24 03:31:48
Shu Yamino 👟☯️ NIJISANJI EN @shu_yamino

Hello everyonee!! Luca and I am collaborating with Bibian! Check out the link here for more information! (There might be an exclusive voice line too when you order! 👀) Let's practice with us: 買日貨 比比昂~ #PR

2024-01-23 20:15:00