Gifts from a FF14 Warrior of Light-centric exchange! Contains spoilers up through Shadowbringers, please take care.
presume not that I am the thing I was @prismatic_void

Hey @oiichyo ! I got to draw your lovely WoL Kirsi for #ff14starlightexchange2019 , I hope you enjoy ^^ Have a lovely day!

2020-01-01 06:19:44
maxo(tm) - local cat dad @CherryDork19

I'm a tad bit late, but hi there and happy Starlight, @CulturalMishap ! I was your secret santa for #ff14starlightexchange2019! I just want to say, I had so much fun drawing E'jhat and I really enjoyed working on this gift for you! Happy Holidays once again!

2020-01-01 08:41:40
elie 🌙✨ this is fine @riddle_of_fire

it's not quite starlight anymore, but that won't stop me from giving @_haleysaur their gift! i'm not quite used to digital art yet, but i enjoyed drawing z'alihn! i'm a liiitle rusty but i hope you like this :) happy holidays! #ff14starlightexchange2019 #spoilers #shbspoilers

2020-01-01 10:23:20
Arkavain🐣forever crafting @gottaeateggs

"Namazus are friends, not food." Happy Starlight!!! Merry late Christmas?? Happy Holidays/Heavensturn @tuhis_ff14!! I apologize for being late but I hope you're having a wonderful time with loved ones and doing lots of fun activities! 😆 #ff14starlightexchange2019

2020-01-01 16:04:17
Ohoho Estalia 🌱@ 6.3 @YamiEsta

Happy Starlight and Happy Heavensturn @marialagidyne!!! I hope I did Gwen justice >w< she was so much fun to draw! I chose to go with your pin up request over memes haha #ff14starlightexchange2019

2020-01-01 16:59:30
elidibuslovemail 🍕 @convictionrose

hi hi @umbral_dragoon! i got to draw your cute dragoon for @xivexchange! 🥰🥰 the image of reindeer haurchefant would not leave my head 😂 pls enjoy..!! apologies for the lateness, happy heavensturn and i hope your holidays were swell!!! #ff14starlightexchange2019

2020-01-02 07:18:02
Som @ eating gummy worms @somnolye

Pinch hit for @vioectrolysis, happy Starlight! I had a ton of fun drawing this and Rhae'li is super cute! Hope you had a happy holiday✨🎁✨! #ff14starlightexchange2019

2020-01-15 12:08:15