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2021-11-01 18:08:57
lyzell @lyzell_twit


2021-11-01 16:31:12
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Osamu Sato Discordなんてあったのマジか(入りたすぎる)

2021-11-01 17:56:59
橙ミャオ🐾作曲ねこのVtuber🐾ご依頼30曲突破感謝!✨ @daidai_myao


2021-11-01 00:52:09
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2021-07-10 20:52:49
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Listen to Petal Crash - Follow After Me (Cover) by NovaMagnolia on #SoundCloud めちゃ好みのカバーだ

2021-11-01 17:41:25
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SMAP - 華麗なる逆襲(todubeats remix)聴いてる

2021-11-01 14:05:23
とぼけがお @to6okegao… 今ストレスたまってきたからこれに当てはまる感じを理解

2021-11-01 09:52:18
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2021-11-01 09:37:25
とぼけがお @to6okegao… そうであってほしくないことに当てはまる人の作品聴けなくなっちゃった(作品からもそういう雰囲気感じてしまうようになってしまったため)

2021-11-01 09:51:03
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@polarist_ 2. I feel like I can relive the memories of my childhood 20. melody!

2021-11-01 00:20:39
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@lolsebca 23. I haven't been able to learn the theory because it seems too difficult, but I hope to master it someday! 20.…

2021-11-01 00:56:16
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@chiptunema 1. I used to be in a band, but I got tired of compiling the opinions of the whole group and writing songs, and I wanted to create music by myself that would allow me to relive the times when I had the most fun, which is what led me to create chiptune 18. LSDj, M8 Tracker!

2021-11-01 01:09:05
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@lolsebca 11. I'm not very good at finding presets, so I tend to make my own instruments from scratch 14. It's great to copy someone else's style, and I like to see the originality develop from there

2021-11-01 00:55:45
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@pedipanol here it is! (because this was the first time I made everything myself)…

2021-11-01 00:38:31
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ZOMOZの「PELE - Single」をApple Musicで… 寝る前に良い気持ちになれる曲で良かった

2021-11-01 00:22:56
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七   七   七    月 七 月 七 月 七   月   月   月 七   七   七  月 七 月 七 月   月   月

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