Gifts from a FF14 Warrior of Light-centric exchange! Contains spoilers up through Endwalker, please take care.
WEISS DAY @icedtoffeelatte

happy (belated) valentines @typeflux, i drew your girl rin for #ff14valentiones2022 🌹 hope you like it!

2022-02-23 06:29:51
hythlodaeus brain rot 🌙 endwalker spoilers @catboipuerh

Happy (belated) Valentione's!!! @alphavanilla I am your secret valentine~ your WoL was a delight to draw🥰 #ff14valentiones2022 @xivexchange

2022-02-23 09:52:12
elidibus lovemail 🦋 6.05 @convictionrose

hi @cuttledraws! i drew your aesir as a quick pinch-hit for the #ff14valentiones2022 exchange! he seems very sweet and i love his nails, heheh

2022-02-28 11:19:53
offtank main @ 6.05 spoilers @SUBerbolide

another piece for #ff14valentiones2022, this time a pinch-hit for @cuttledraws ! Hope you enjjjooyyyy, hot choco straight from Haurche☕️

2022-03-15 16:12:06