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ありとあらゆる罵倒英語が学べる pic.twitter.com/Zgp0wn6PEd

2023-09-14 18:36:22
Unity @unity

We want to acknowledge the confusion and frustration we heard after we announced our new runtime fee policy. We’d like to clarify some of your top questions and concerns: Who is impacted by this price increase: The price increase is very targeted. In fact, more than 90% of our customers will not be affected by this change. Customers who will be impacted are generally those who have found a substantial scale in downloads and revenue and have reached both our install and revenue thresholds. This means a low (or no) fee for creators who have not found scale success yet and a modest one-time fee for those who have. Fee on new installs only: Once you meet the two install and revenue thresholds, you only pay the runtime fee on new installs after Jan 1, 2024. It’s not perpetual: You only pay once for an install, not an ongoing perpetual license royalty like a revenue share model. How we define and count installs: Assuming the install and revenue thresholds are met, we will only count net new installs on any device starting Jan 1, 2024. Additionally, developers are not responsible for paying a runtime fee on: - Re-install charges - we are not going to charge a fee for re-installs. - Fraudulent installs charges - we are not going to charge a fee for fraudulent installs. We will work directly with you on cases where fraud or botnets are suspected of malicious intent. - Trials, partial play demos, and automation installs (devops) charges - we are not going to count these toward your install count. Early access games are not considered demos. - Web and streaming games - we are not going to count web and streaming games toward your install count either. - Charity-related installs - the pricing change and install count will not be applied to your charity bundles/initiatives. For additional questions, we have updated our blog and FAQ resources. ⬇️ Blog: on.unity.com/3ZiIwlB FAQ: on.unity.com/44NMZ0R Forums: on.unity.com/45RgrnV

2023-09-14 06:49:26
maddie🌙 @xmaddiemoonx

@unity shut the fuck up you pussy ass bitches

2023-09-14 17:48:31
camo rabbit @camo_rabbit

これが最上級の罵倒英語か。 勉強になるわ。 > Shut the fuck up you pussy ass bitches. > 黙ってろ、クソ野郎ども。 twitter.com/xmaddiemoonx/s…

2023-09-14 18:44:07
maddie🌙 @xmaddiemoonx

@camo_rabbit その気持ちをもっと下品で乱暴的な言い方で伝えたいなら、是非「bitch」の代わりに「cunt」を入れてみてください。ご参考になれば幸いです 😳😳

2023-09-14 19:10:42
maddie🌙 @xmaddiemoonx

@camo_rabbit 人種差別的な言葉以外、offensiveの言葉の中ではcuntって最もoffensiveな言葉と言ってもいいと思いますね。「bitch」みたいな使い方なんですけどもっとoffensiveなわけです。ある人種や人に対する言葉というわけでもなく相手が誰であろうと使えますし

2023-09-14 21:51:41