3D game animations
Chris Livingston @_clivingston_

I made a 3 minute video about cool hand animations in games. Please watch because it took me *checks notes* 1 million hours to edit: 👉 youtube.com/watch?v=aduLNx… pic.twitter.com/MQJvmrmbY7

2020-03-06 05:18:23
Arthur Munoz @MunozArthur1

The powerful jump of the last guardian ! Just try to dodge that ! Animation and rigging done in #3dsMax for #Greedfall by Spiders games/Focus Home interactive. #animation #gamedev #3Danimation #rigging pic.twitter.com/isl3lMnsDs

2021-07-07 21:44:51
Shawn Wilson @jitterbot

Well, since #Titanfall2 is temporarily free-to-play starting RIGHT NOW through May 3rd on Steam, might as well share some old process vids from the Monarch Executions. #gamedev #animation Video thread below: pic.twitter.com/06csQysEgy

2021-05-01 10:50:46
darkbot32x @DarkBot32x

@PoodleTime @mazooter So, this is my favorite way to animate, and I love to sneak them in when I can. Here are a few of them I did for Jett on her Dash, Ultimate, and Smoke abilities. She is perfect for this type of animation since she's such a snappy and quick character. pic.twitter.com/yUHT05mgPy

2021-04-21 07:00:44
Jonathan Cooper @GameAnim

Dark Souls III raw animation in 3DS Max vs in game. I've always seen From Software enemies as the best example of what physics and VFX add to already-great animation. pic.twitter.com/yj8x4TcAck

2020-06-20 00:33:39
Arthur Munoz @MunozArthur1

Here is one complex final boss fight I've worked on for The Technomancer with Spiders Games. The idea was to make an epic final fight. I'm responsible of the rigging and the animation. Made with #3dsmax Music: Mozart-Four seasons #animation #3danimation #gamedev #rigging pic.twitter.com/Xlfu3DownL

2021-09-21 16:24:15
den @den26850029

【 Tsukimi katana 】  制作時間:7時間 pic.twitter.com/AlMOf0acNm

2021-10-17 15:28:33
rainercc @rainer_cc

Not completely done with the details yet, but I'm gonna leave this as my first pass of polish! Finally getting it to spline to the rhythm and feeling that I had in mind. Mini-milestone checked =) rig: @artstoff #zelda #3dcg #animation #gameanim pic.twitter.com/baS9EJK86e

2021-07-03 23:29:39
Pablo Pérez Estévez @PabloPrezEstve1

OPEN THE GATE!!!! This was my last assignment at GW1, hope you like it! #animation #ianimate pic.twitter.com/JAbKB9yenx

2019-04-05 23:47:13
Kiel Figgins @KielFiggins

Sicarius takes down treeback! Rig available at 3dfiggins.com/Store, great work @elysegymer! twitter.com/ElyseGymer/sta…

2022-05-01 04:40:37
Elyse Gymer @ElyseGymer

Some more WIP animation progress on this shot. 😊 It has an end now😆! pic.twitter.com/xjAsVE4K8X

2022-05-01 03:31:29
Pierrick Picaut @pierrick_picaut

🦑🏃‍♀️ Here it is, the most complicated animation I ever did for @NoaraOfficial . This was almost exclusively animated on 1's without the use of @A_Graph_Editor (not against you mate)... I'm very proud of it even if it was a huge source of frustration and headache 😅 pic.twitter.com/bBrH2RUIT2

2022-05-17 23:18:18
sakurai @AnimatorSakurai

moveset作ってみた UE4で基本動作周り実装してみたいけど頓挫の可能性あり pic.twitter.com/Gii7i0RdPc

2021-02-03 03:32:57
allan zhang @spacepirate1955

animation test i did for respawn back around august or so pic.twitter.com/P8WyPWN5WS

2020-12-05 12:37:27
Alex @sylph_ap

A recap of some of the animations I did this 2020 in my free time. Definitely learned a lot this year (especially combat). This 2021 I will focus on my body mechanichs much more 💪 #3danimation #animation pic.twitter.com/2ueG4p8WuB

2020-12-31 22:05:11
Kiel Figgins @KielFiggins

🛠️nCloth for Animators Tutorial🛠️ 3dfiggins.com/Resources/ How to setup, sim and bake nCloth motion onto rigs from an animator's point of view and how I personal handle character's accessories Rigid objects, Cloth, Jiggles are covered and tools provided to help you get started! pic.twitter.com/P4ZvFaudfF

2021-01-07 01:35:39
Max Gariepy @MaxGariepy

Been taking the iAnimate Games Workshop 2 with @michaelCuevas27 for the last few weeks and just finished it off, the perfect way to close 2020 🎉 This is what I came up with for the 2nd assignment, was a fun challenge to take on! Thanks Michael for the inspiration and feedback! pic.twitter.com/O194QNokU1

2020-12-31 04:10:30
Martin @TuxedoPato

Quick walk test to try out Rapid Rig Modular. Have not adjusted weight paints yet and there are some controls that I have to adjust, but the rig is very easy to set up and very flexible. pic.twitter.com/MU182T2lkm

2020-10-04 08:07:42
Ted Lockwood @lockwood_ted

[Gigantic Archives] And here have an early playblast of a titan takedown in Gigantic, animated by Joe Han. Just too damn good. Griffin concept and model by @KatyHargrove, Naga concept by Vinod Rams, modeled by Me. pic.twitter.com/VqQBpHn04o

2020-10-07 08:24:05
ito @itoIHwa

弓のコンボアニメーション完成! 難しかった~ #3Danimation #3dcg #animation #Maya pic.twitter.com/AiFkoz5wIT

2020-10-17 19:12:05
Adam Turnbull @animturnbull

Yone goes to PBE today, can't wait for everyone to play him! Will release more when I can but here are a few gameplay animations (without vfx) I did. The team were all so hyped throughout his development, it was great to be a part of #LeagueOfLegends pic.twitter.com/ApOEHHY6Lc

2020-07-25 05:27:56
Daniel Holden @anorangeduck

Happy to announce our new SIGGRAPH paper this year - Learned Motion Matching. We use Machine Learning to vastly reduce the memory usage of Motion Matching - allowing it to scale to huge databases of animation. Check out the blog post for more info: montreal.ubisoft.com/en/introducing… pic.twitter.com/EqDK8BqJsS

2020-08-01 06:21:13
Richard Oud @richard_oud

Another result of a live demo i did in class.. this one was to show the relation between weight, timing and spacing while still pushing the posing and action.. War rig by @KielFiggins #animation #gamedev #animator #maya #3d #gameanim #art #characteranimation #CGI pic.twitter.com/gi9JgHcrd4

2020-08-17 22:34:16
Michael Cuevas @michaelCuevas27

Repost of an animation process video I did for a D.Va move in Heroes of the Storm. pic.twitter.com/M8y9os2xYA

2018-08-23 09:47:19
Jonathan Cooper @GameAnim

Recognise this distinctive walkcycle from the rig alone? pic.twitter.com/lzazhscc6p

2019-02-23 03:49:46
Anna Vrieling 🍌 @bananamation_

I had the honor of bringing this bad boy down. >:) Here is Set's death animation for @SMITEGame . #animation #gamedev #smite pic.twitter.com/DEGvomHjsu

2019-04-18 05:46:47
Sakuyan @sakuyawn

Angry boi Set recall. Anim idea came from Set's obsession against Horus. He's so pissed he makes a Horus statues out of his sand just to deal killing blows on him. #Smite #animation pic.twitter.com/Cos2siVqCl

2019-04-18 06:07:47
Qingdong Lee @qingdong_lee

The demos I made two years ago were basic animations. pic.twitter.com/oHPltE8kQC

2019-04-22 18:39:43
Richard Lico @Foofinu

Now that the Twilight Garden update for Moss is out, I figured it's a good time to release a new animation showcase. Big thanks to the amazing folks @PolyarcGames for the incredible opportunity! This clip is just a taste. For the full 3 minute video visit: vimeo.com/349802228 pic.twitter.com/XEY5WencOd

2019-07-24 13:40:47
Othercide @OthercideGame

Scavengers may be small but they are still dangerous creatures that you will have to fight in the Dark Corner. What emojis would you use to describe it? 💀 #WorldEmojiDay pic.twitter.com/mlMOnCa0tm

2019-07-17 23:01:20
Adam Turnbull @animturnbull

Senna is on live! If you play her let me know how she feels animation-wise. Will post some more anim/dev stuff soon! #Senna #animation #Worlds2019 #LeagueOfLegends pic.twitter.com/apDYZCK7C2

2019-11-11 05:04:13
Michael Cuevas @michaelCuevas27

One of my favorite things about SF5 is the flourishes added to some moves when a character recovers to his/her idle. Not only do they smooth the transition but they vary based on the strength of the attack. 👌🏼 (Also, I just noticed the change to her crouching animation) pic.twitter.com/5XES7xdhQd

2020-02-10 09:51:00
Ahmad @Polymeddy

*THIS ACCOUNT CONTAINS VIDEO GAME SPOILERS* I post personal favorites of video game art and animation.