リンク FLOOR BABA BOMBS-BALL, by FLOOR BABA 8 track album
CHICAGO SHOW OCT 30TH @ivy_hollivana

time for another 💕bandcamp friday💕 my whole discog is 50% off!! consider supporting an independent artist + get lots of Ivy Music ™

2021-08-06 23:43:49
リンク Ivy Hollivana HEARTWILD, by Ivy Hollivana 2 track album 2
リンク Like a Dreaming Girl Records 徒然草5 Tsuredzuregusa 5, by Moro Sato 2 track album

also i have a new collab track out on Disposable Planet's new lighthearted LSDJ EP, Budget Space Travel for All Ages! go check it and pick up a copy if you can!…

2021-08-06 22:54:17
リンク Disposable Planet Budget Space Travel for All Ages, by Disposable Planet 6 track album
petriform @petriform

finely aged five years on the cutting room floor of the "Don't Worry, You're Great!" sessions, enjoy "Leaf" this bandcamp friday! #chiptune

2021-08-06 22:57:36
NEW TBKgao(label) 2021/10/1 とぼけがお @to6okegao… bandcamp friday、今回のまとめ買いお買い得セールはこちらで!(90% off)

2021-08-06 17:26:59
NEW TBKgao(label) 2021/10/1 とぼけがお @to6okegao

Yomi De Ashibumi(Vocal Version) by Tobokegao… 1.Yomi De Ashibumi(Vocal Version) 2.Yomi De Ashibumi(GB Single Version) 3.Yomi De Ashibumi(raphaelgoulart MD Remix) 4.Yomi De Ashibumi Inst 5.Yomi De Ashibumi A Cappella (4,5は購入者特典のbonus trackです)

2021-08-06 17:14:13
INFU_AV 🦾 @Infu_av

Final boss of Twitter Chiptune, @to6okegao makes awesome music, often releasing music that's full of happiness & packed with various techniques that will surely make you smile: They made me smile indeed!…

2021-08-06 19:37:08
🌈 🤴🏾 🌺 🐝 🎹 💖 @sylcmyk

🌞 Making a little song on my keyboard about this summer in Japan 🏖

2021-08-06 14:10:01
Veertig Nix🍠【M3秋 T-16】 @40Nix

新しい動画です。ロックマン8アストロマンステージ ファミコン風8-bitアレンジです。 [Mega Man 8] Astro Man Stage "Planetarium" (NES 8-bit Remix) via @YouTube

2021-08-06 21:51:23
ThronoCrigger — Commissions closed @CriggerThrono

NEW #chiptune #mathrock #digifu RELEASE :)))) You smell like cherries and strawberries and blackcurrant and I love you is OUT on bandcamp 🍒🍓 You can also get my whole discography with a 50% discount today !! Happy bandcamp friday everyone 💕…

2021-08-06 21:49:22

💿 New album from @RoboRobMusic 🎧 💚💛☁️🍓 Mizo 2🌵🎨💙❤️ 👥 feat. collabs from @ThatAndyGuy, @Braz_OS, @captbeardd, @ShadyMonk, @TOFIEmusic, @jbradymusic, @KadeshFlow, & @FLOOR_BABA 🎹 Full of club beats, energetic vocals, & jazzy keyboard solos 🔗 ~

2021-08-06 22:01:20
Soshi Takeda @s05hi

LAのレーベル”100%SILK”からEPをリリースします!@listentosilk 中国の漓江流域をイメージしながら制作しました🏞 本日よりプレオーダーが開始され、発売は10/8です。Bandcampで先行して3曲聴けますので是非よろしくお願いします! Soshi Takeda - Floating Mountains…

2021-08-06 19:59:45
NEW TBKgao(label) 2021/10/1 とぼけがお @to6okegao… 自分で作りながら泣いた瞬間があったので、この気持ちは個人的すぎないか心配だったのですが共感性があったっぽくて安心しました...

2021-08-06 21:07:03
ますだたろう @succeed_msd

黄泉で足踏み(Vocal Version) @YouTubeより 聴きながらずっとマジ泣きしてる

2021-08-06 17:55:01