Remission (Set post 6.2)

Elysia and G'raha Tia have had a strained relationship ever since her sister succumbed to the light corruption and became a Light Warden. Now, Elysia has to do the hardest thing she's ever had to do..

Hair (Set post 6.2)

In an attempt to hide her hair becoming more obviously white in places, Elysia cuts her hair off for the first time in many years.

In Crimson it Began (Set 4.0)

After not having seen her sister, Katri for some time, Elysia ventures to the now open Rhalgar's reach to see her, and to continue her research into the origins of the twelve.

Reunion (Set 4.0)

Opting to stay behind in Rhalgar's Reach and aid healing resistance fighters, Elysia is caught up in the fighting when Zenos attacks -- though the tone in his voices seems to indicate he may have me..

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