An illustration 15

ILLUSTs 20~22

2020 ~ 2022 Illustration Log
hʏᴇᴜʟ ✧ very busy

Kagehina Villain x Hero AU "Evil isn't born, it's made"

a kagehina villain x hero au comic! was inspired by @shoyomatsuri (on twitter) tweet one day & birthed an entire comic
ewe 🌾

Art log 2022-2023

sketches / illustrations log

Art 2023

My art from 2023
MapleRose ✨🦞 Scarlet for FEH

naruto/boruto art oct 2022 - dec 2022

All art made in 2022 will be posted here.
bee (returning 3/29) ✡︎ ⚢


Collection of art made by me :D Ill try to update this as much as possible lol

ewe's art!

all my finished illustrations/art can be found here! also kinda an art progress journal!
ewe 🌾

Art 2! (2022-??)

New art moment 2! DO NOT REPOST ❌ Feel free to use as wallpaper or profile pic ✅


all my drawing wips (that might never see the light of day) & attempts!
ewe 🌾

Sketchi’s sketchies

My compiled works

Art Archive (FF + FFXIV) 2021-2022

Contains mostly FF, OCs, and WoLxGilgamesh drawings Compilation of some of my drawings because they get lost in the void days later. They are positioned from new to old Other arts are posted in my..
Reichen 🌟

Identity V

tentang IDV
Noa. (slowres)

Commission Works

Contains All my SFW comms.


Untuk tema macam-macam
Noa. (slowres)