Wiz. @WizardOfPSG

むしろ「いいぞもっとやっちゃえ!」と思うのですが。 FM音源の音色作りが大変なのは本当。 なので、大抵は既存音色ベースに自分で味付けしていって、自前音色のライブラリとノウハウが増えていくんだと思います。 そのためにも、可視化されたプリセット音色が増えるのは大歓迎かと。…

2020-10-09 13:54:30
さ しゅ @satyu4you


2020-10-09 13:47:07
AY Music Bot @AYMusicBot

File: Rasputin.ay Misc: 1986 Firebird Author: David Lowe Tracks: 12 1 - Rasputin (128k speech) 2 - Rasputin (128k title) 3 - Rasputin (128k in-game) 4 - Rasputin (128k life force up) 5 - Rasputin (128k life force down) 6 - Rasputin (128 #ZXSpectrum #chiptune

2020-10-09 02:12:46
Cass Cuttlefish 🔜 MAGFest @casscuttlefish

WIP "Night Running" from brand new animal. Started this last night. Next I'll be recording vocals :3 #BNA #chiptune

2020-10-09 00:58:18
Ted 🍊 Orange Island @vontheodore

Very happy to welcome @perennialcoop to the Orange Island family. She's composed and arranged a song in FamiTracker for our OST! It's a really special track for a very important area in the game 🍊👀 #chiptune #8bit…

2020-10-09 00:40:30
リンク SoundCloud Jasmine Cooper - Behind the Illusion Hey, I'm Ted and I'm making a game called Orange Island. Check out the soundtrack if you're into cute chiptunes!
YMCK 栗原みどり @midori_kurihara

ポケモン公式ソング『ポケライム』にコーラスで参加しました!楽曲制作はP.O.P (@POP_official_jp )です! YouTubeチャンネル「ポケモン Kids TV」で公開中です。 アニメーションもカワイイ、ノリノリでごきげんなラップソングです✨

2020-10-09 18:28:28
1re1 @1re1

参考動画)RTもしたし、物凄く頑張ってるし、作られた曲自体はケチのつけようがない程凄い!   でも88サウンドボードで作られた曲がMSXと違わないか?といえば・・・悪いけどそれはNOだ!MSXをなめちゃあいけない。   SCCの音の厚みは独特なの!…

2020-10-09 02:14:37
とぼけがお @to6okegao

メモ:DPCMをwavファイルに変換するツールなんてあったんだ RJDMC 1.4 - FamiTracker…

2020-10-09 19:32:29
sohcahtoa @KeepShitClassy

Also, if anyone knows how to translate the SPC700 Player's Hex values for FIR Filter into values I can use with C700 VST's slider bars, PLEASE tell me. Doing it by ear is a pain & using the straight Hex-to-Dec conversions either kills my ears or exceeds the boxes' max value.

2020-10-08 23:41:53
sohcahtoa @KeepShitClassy

To anyone following that finds meaning in what I'm about to say: RJDMC is the premier way of turning .DMC/DPCM into .wav This is especially helpful for ripping stuff like Mother 1, because it uses a DPCM kick and snare for a lot of its songs

2020-10-08 23:02:50
Netlabel Archive @NetlabelArchive

Today in 2004, this remix album by Manrico Montero was the first release on Filtro. #tbt #throwbackthursday Stream: Download:

2020-10-08 23:02:42
kyoheifujita @kyoheifujita


2020-10-09 19:00:39
リンク SoundCloud キャラメルポップ うさぎのへいたいは待機。活動休止前最後に制作した楽曲
Industrial Parasite @IndustrialPara

⚠⚠⚠ Can you feel the 'Sinergy'? IDecade's latest album is now available! 💾 Save:

2020-10-09 17:08:55
タイトーゲーム@『タイトーマイルストーン』2022年2月24日発売予定! @TAITO_Apps

ファミ通DXパック 『#ダライアス コズミックリベレーション』特装版も発売決定! 「ダライアス EXTRA Ver.(メガドライブ)」がMD/MD互換機であそべるようになるカートリッジで、ebten限定ジャケット版の特別仕様です!

2020-10-09 17:05:39
James Landino 🔜 MAGFest @JamesLandino

One of my favorite gameboy bass producers got their entire music career stolen from them, please support if you can…

2020-10-09 13:19:34
boaconstructor @boaconstructor_

@peterberkman Just got my car broken into & all they stole was my backpack with my m8, new nanoloop hardware, and work computer. 50-70 hrs of tracking down the drain :/

2020-10-08 16:07:22
ModalModule🎵➡️🕹 @ModalModule

And here's my second interpretation of the #DavidWiseChallenge for @MusicWeeklies, this time with a focus on groove, and borrowing some classic vgm sounds. Done before breakfast! :)

2020-10-09 05:55:22
とぼけがお @to6okegao

modbox(改造版beepbox)?でchip metal的なことやってるの面白い Zingy by Lognes on #SoundCloud

2020-10-09 12:07:20
リンク SoundCloud Zingy I make video game inspired music I mainly make songs in Modbox (Modded Beepbox) and FLstudio
加山。 @x68303


2020-10-09 09:27:28
🍌🤖 banana bot 🍌🤖 @bananamanzero

linux users (including myself) rejoice*, i finally ported this script to bash… *i almost typed 'renoise' instead

2020-10-09 09:40:48
Tobias @nesquikfan

i finished playing kero blaster and I made clay fanart bc I really love the character designs from this game. It's also very fun and you should play it

2020-09-28 11:05:41
もりりん @mementomori72

SANAの軽量化メモ ・パラメータのgetコストが高い ー> シンセパラメータにdirtyフラグ導入,毎フレーム更新をやめる ・描画コストが高い ー>しゃーない部分はある.こちらも最低限の描画コストにすることで対応.とくにスコープ描画のコストが高い.秒間更新頻度を落とす?

2020-10-09 01:30:40
Pixel Guy @APixelGuy

This month in #ASquareMeal I make a little review of 'Licensed & Bonded', the most recent work by the awesome @HarleyLikeMusic and released through @PteSquad. If you have not listened to it yet, what are you waiting for? You can read my article here:…

2020-10-09 08:00:00
リンク A Square Meal A Square Meal: ‘Licensed & Bonded’ by Harley Likes Music From time to time, it’s worthy to sit down and appreciate things from a different perspective. The rich contrast that comes from a wider range of experiences satisfies the curious spirits and helps…
Dan Butler @darkroastdan

As a reminder, submissions for #Chiptune Night EP10 are OPEN! If you've got a new #chipmusic release, I want to hear it! Submit your tracks to darkroastdan.official(at)gmail(dot)com… #chipwave #retro #vgm

2020-10-09 06:54:41
lyzell @lyzell_twit


2020-09-21 17:17:09
lyzell @lyzell_twit


2020-09-21 06:14:00
トムアトム @tom_atom


2020-10-09 01:50:44
vancouver chipmusic society @vanchipmusic

It’s Ikenfell launch day!! Get yourself a copy of this gorgeous RPG & enjoy your long weekend chillin’ at a mysterious magic school. Huge congratulations from our whole crew to Chevy & their entire team, including past VCS performers @aivisura & @sammusmusic! 💖💖💖…

2020-10-09 03:44:14
Chevy "Look At My Dog" Ray @ChevyRay

🌟 IKENFELL 🌈 our turn-based RPG with timing mechanics, is now available on: 🎮 Nintendo Switch 🎮 PS4 🎮 XBox One 🎮 PC & Mac Help a group of troublesome magic students solve the deep, dark mysteries eating away at the roots of the world of magic!

2020-10-09 01:57:40
Chevy Ray @ChevyRay

🌟 IKENFELL 🌈 our turn-based RPG with timing mechanics, is now available on: 🎮 Nintendo Switch 🎮 PS4 🎮 XBox One 🎮 PC & Mac Help a group of troublesome magic students solve the deep, dark mysteries eating away at the roots of the world of magic!

2020-10-09 01:57:40
The Real ap0c ™ @ Hopeful @a_p_0_c

I promised and now I deliver - here is a hardware recording of the ending from Namachuukei 68 / 生中継68 for X68000 - no fancy mixing, just raw audio output - please enjoy!

2020-10-09 03:38:50
🍌🤖 banana bot 🍌🤖 @bananamanzero

LSDj v8.9.1 now out! * fixed: E on wav channel note. broke in 8.9.0. * fixed: S on noise note could mute. broke in 8.8.1.

2020-10-09 06:01:34
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