The Real ap0c ™ @ Hopeful @a_p_0_c

So if you fancy, we've put a sample of the @BrockCrocodile @SAGExpo Demo 2020 OST up on Soundcloud - also a link to the VGMs if you want to listen via VGMplay/emulator/hardware! Yey! Link --->…

2020-09-12 02:11:03
リンク SoundCloud Brock Crocodile - SAGExpo Demo 2020 OST --->> Download Brock Crocodile Demo 2020 <<--- URL: Brock Crocodile Demo 2020 is now out! To celebrate the release, we've put together a sampler OST of some
Brock Crocodile @BrockCrocodile

It is time! Try out Brock Crocodile Demo 2020 @SAGExpo save Crocoh Lake from the Honeypot army and their ruler, Princess Cassandra! Link below 👇… #screenshotsaturday | #indiegame | #gamedev |

2020-09-05 16:01:17
Matt Simmonds @4mat_scenemusic

Well nobody has heard this one, for an unreleased intro in 2005. 71k unpacked/32k packed, in a Gravis-friendly 14 channels. Was a deliberate nod to the old days to suit the visuals.

2020-09-06 22:30:29
下田祐(YU SHIMODA)ラクガキ キングダムOST5/18予約ヨロシク! @Yu_Shimoda

チップチューンに傾倒していたのも難聴の時期で、 ファミコン3音の仕様だと(実機の音を重視するノーEQ、ノーコンプ原音主義の場合) ミックスや、マスタリングの概念がほぼ無いので、これぐらいの音数なら音聴かずともメモ帳だけでかなりの部分は作り込める、と思った訳でこれも怪我の功名…

2020-09-06 13:19:51
アイコン媚びた @gubebesoso

ザー◯◯伝説はばかでおもしろいね 露骨ばかはここくらいだったかな

2020-09-06 20:10:50
Bit - Animation Editor @BitAnimation

Bit - Animation Editor is now available on Steam! Bit is a new art tool with powerful export options, used to compose and design animated pixel art. Learn more here:… #pixelart #digitalart #2dart #indiedev

2020-09-05 01:50:44
Andrew Lemon (new NE7 EP now out :) ❤️ @_lemon

Here's another ancient #gameboy #chiptune out the archive from around 2000, my little cover of the Bladerunner Endtitles theme by Vangelis <3 if you want to have a go yourself and get stuff running on check h/w check out Bob's info here:… \o_ :)

2020-09-06 21:12:11
タマネギ炒め @tamanegi_itame… (GB)ザードの伝説/Xerd no Densetsu-Soundtrack 玉山さんやっけか(´・ω・`)

2020-09-06 21:11:11
アイコン媚びた @gubebesoso

@tamanegi_itame 1はソロで2では裏方に回ってた、とのこと… ソロの仕事では最高傑作だと思う

2020-09-06 21:23:15
KGB @Failure_Sounds

Touhou Scarlet weather rhapsody doodle on the digitone! Lots of memories with this game brought back when doing this

2020-06-02 00:31:37
タマネギ炒め @tamanegi_itame… Commodore 64 - The Ocean Loaders Ocean Lpaderはいいぞ( ˘ω˘) >RT

2020-09-06 18:18:57
ほとけいく/HotoCake @wavcedro

#C2TCC Liveで流した、 ちょっと休憩タイムソング(+メロ付きver) #Chiptune #DTM

2020-09-06 18:18:29
つよみー @tsuyomi0508


2020-09-06 19:39:21
ほとけいく/HotoCake @wavcedro

Chip!Cheap!Tune コンペティション 全楽曲一挙放送のアーカイブ動画公開しました! コメントも反映されていますので、 見逃した方、途中参戦した方、 もう一度見直したい方、どうぞお越しください! いつでもお待ちしております。 #Chiptune #チップチューン #C2TCC

2020-09-06 18:29:24
MSX研究所長 @yoshimatsuTUQ


2020-09-06 18:14:59
とぼけがお @to6okegao


2020-09-06 18:51:52
metaroom @themetaroom… worm rave's coming to spotify! if u wanna pre-save it, here you go >.<

2020-09-06 05:04:28
Scotty Rich 🔊 ~ COMMS OPEN*🎵 @scotty_rich

Today I finished a Sword of Mana #chiptune cover to test out the new audio software, as well as pick out some instruments to use later 🔊 - Video contains music ~🎵 . . . #cover #Mana #gamemusic #screenshotsaturday #indieworldorder

2020-09-06 05:09:22
Andrew Lemon (new NE7 EP now out :) ❤️ @_lemon

:D okay my old pal Twoflower just sent me a zip of some of my old gameboy p5 tracker stuff, so here's my #chiptune cover (from circa 2000, omg!) for the #Gameboy of the classic #Amiga Paranoimia intro tune by Felix Schmidt <3 (I forgot I did this rotfl)

2020-09-06 04:58:27
TomboFry @TomboFry

Workin' on a Plastic Love #chiptune cover! 🤩 Full video will be out later than expected, because I didn't realise this song was so complicated!

2020-09-06 04:25:14
MIDIs on Display @OnlyMIDIs

【チョロQ2】ミドル・ロングサーキット.mid 03.22.16? / 111 KB Choro-Q 2 - Middle Circuit Roland SC-8820 「

2020-09-06 05:18:29
Doom Man @Doom_Man_

I AM THE FUCKING STRONG Go play Mega Man Y+1's Demo

2020-09-06 03:32:28
aj booker @ajbookr

this was so much fun to work on! i love working with nate and flowerdrops is delightful to play !! OST on my bandcamp too :•P…

2020-09-06 06:33:30
Nate Wiesel @NateWiesel

26 year old person that loves to create game-things and art-things! (he/they)

Nate Wiesel @NateWiesel

🌟Flowerdrops: Clovers & Caves is out NOW!🌟 It's a simple & relaxing puzzle game about growing flowers with bouncy water drops. There's so much to discover! ☁️❤️🌼🌹🍀 Go play it! (It's still Free/PWYW) #gamedev #indiegame #ScreenshotSaturday

2020-09-06 00:56:01
Nate Wiesel @NateWiesel

Also here's the Key Art/Poster! Pretty happy with how it turned out. Made in #Blender3d!

2020-09-06 00:56:02
Nate Wiesel @NateWiesel

And if you enjoy the soundtrack, you can get all of @ajbookr's original tracks on Bandcamp!…

2020-09-06 00:56:02
proswell / eerik inpuj sound @Inpuj

it is done, 2xCD and digital out oct 2020, here is a preview of 3 out of the *25* remixes #exhaustion #proudcurator…

2020-09-06 08:28:39
Pinci @MrPinci19

final showdown at the stars this time trying a final boss-eque song

2020-09-06 14:55:31
OverClocked ReMix (We ♥ video game music!) 🎮🎵 @ocremix

PLEASE RT! BRAND NEW, FREE 3-disc OC REMIX ALBUM! Golden Sun: A World Reignited! •… FEATURES! • Golden Sun + The Lost Age! • 2 1/2 hours! • 37 tracks! • 42 ReMixers! • @Orioto art! • <3 to @MotoisakurabaM! GO! GET! :-D

2020-07-01 05:32:07
Po8aster @Po8aster

Finally got an N64 MIDI Controller prototype working! Sends USB and/or 5pin MIDI based on controller input. Just gotta code the other controls. #synth #Arduino #chiptune

2020-09-06 13:10:10
Po8aster @Po8aster

Code, schematics, etc here if you’re into that sorta thing:…

2020-09-06 13:10:11
Battlemode Music @Battlemode_

It was a huge surprise to see these amazing visuals from Gleix paired with our submission for @IOChipmusic showcase!! Many thanks to everyone who helped put this together. Full clip here: Full showcase here: #chiptune #triheart

2020-09-06 05:27:32
kumatan🔞 @kumakumakumaT_T

PMDしたい!!対応 mファイルは演奏できるようになったみたい... mmlファイルやPPZ8/PPSの再生はまだです PMDB2モードなので(?)効果音モードが4chでなってたりします。

2020-09-06 10:11:44
Pinci @MrPinci19

this smw port I made like 5 years ago is one of my biggest sins

2020-09-06 10:47:54
とぼけがお @to6okegao

GAMEBOY Composer|TBKgao A&R|release|RTer(chiptune/cheat/GiRL&Powerpop/渋谷系/vapor)||icon: てと