VKにおけるサークルVocasynthで開催するコンテスト#vocasynth_song_contest の投稿曲集め
リンク SoundCloud Quietly Dying #vocasynth_song_contest Omega+ ft. Eleanor Forte 2022
リンク SoundCloud Synthesizer V Eleanor Forte - 『what i want』(Original song) #vocasynth_song_contest This song for the vocasynth_song_contest held by VOCASYNTH ( ) in collaboration with Volor ( ). ❤❤❤Special thanks t
リンク SoundCloud KeMoNo侵入 #vocasynth_song_contest
リンク SoundCloud 【 Eleanor Forte Light 】 Bright Dreams 【 Synthesizer V Original 】 Uhhh- First song on SoundCloud
リンク SoundCloud Joy (feat. Eleanor Forte) please don't mind the lyrics hehe a song for #vocasynth_song_contest (´。• ᵕ •。`)
リンク SoundCloud Баба Яга ft. Eleanor Forte AI Lite (SynthV Russian ORIGINAL SONG) #vocasynth_song_contest YouTube: #vocasynth_song_contest #eleanorforte #eleanor_forte #SynthV #SynthesizerV
リンク SoundCloud Existential experiences Special song for #vocasynth_song_contest CREDITS Vocal: Eleanor Forte AI Lite Lyrics: LIVERO GARDEN Music: RYOMTA
リンク SoundCloud A Funny Line feat. Eleanor Forte AI Lite #vocasynth_song_contest A song documenting Toggi's adventures on that fateful day in Tilburg, 1934 Song by StaffordHorsey Art by Hanarin I used sampl
リンク SoundCloud sweet live #vocasynth_song_contest art morq lyrics me, Aligor voice eleanor forte
リンク Итак, #vocasynth_song_contest подошел к концу.. | VOCASYNTH | VK Итак, #vocasynth_song_contest подошел к концу и настает время подсчета результатов! День публикации итогов конкурса - 22.02.2022, а уже после начнется
リンク SoundCloud Kori #vocasynth_song_contest Lost and abounded i wonder in snow In world that reflected as cruel and cold surrounded by death i lost the last hope for someone to hear my last dying breath but tears in my
volor official @OfficialVolor

Recently VOLOR was invited to support the VOCASYNTH@VK Original Songwriting Competition, and VOLOR sponsored the prize.…

2022-01-01 21:05:20
リンク С Новым Годом, мои дорогие! Сегодня я готов.. | VOCASYNTH | VK С Новым Годом, мои дорогие! Сегодня я готов рассказать вам о самом большом событии группы за всю её жизнь - #vocasynth_song_contest!
Kabi-Reactor @KabiReactor

「Eleonor Forte AI lite」 Babochka/Бабочка 「Synthesizer V Original」 #vocasynth_song_contest @OfficialVolor

2022-01-27 15:55:45
Huro Nomoe VTuber @Huro_Nomoe

#vocasynth_song_contest #synthv #SynthV #EleanorForte #エレノアフォルテ #SynthesizerV Synthesizer V Eleanor Forte - 『what i want』(Original song) Full - The song was created by me in collaboration with slashhearts ( @tokome ). @OfficialVolor

2022-02-02 17:00:21
Stul Musorovich @stul_stolovich I wrote a song for contest with Eleanor Forte Standart Lite! Hope you like it! #vocasynth_song_contest @OfficialVolor

2022-02-04 22:18:15
Aligor ♿ @lp_0l

@OfficialVolor В теге не высветился прошлый пост. Link: #vocasynth_song_contest

2022-02-10 22:50:30
AROI-P (ボカロP) @aroishmusic

NEW SONG with Eleanor Forte - Баба Яга (Baba Yaga)✨ Song by AROI-P Illust. by @TsvetochnyiHolm Vo. Eleanor Forte AI Lite YouTube: @OfficialVolor ❤️ #vocasynth_song_contest #eleanorforte #eleanor_forte #SynthV #SynthesizerV #vocaloPost

2022-02-11 01:07:36
AROI-P (ボカロP) @aroishmusic

На #SoundCloud, потому что видео по неизвестной мне причине не отображается в тэге поиска на #YouTube, @OfficialVolor #vocasynth_song_contest #eleanorforte

2022-02-12 11:43:30
Denis Lizar @DenisLizar

#vocasynth_song_contest #Eleanore_Forte @OfficialVolor Work for an original song contest with Eleanor Forte organized by VOCASYNTH (VK). Vocal: Eleanor Forte Song: Денис Лизарь (Denis Lizar) Art: Taciturn…

2022-02-13 06:18:08
KVL | Hidaomari @hidaomari

VOCASYNTH x VOLOR #vocasynth_song_contest is over! Who's gonna win? 22.02.2022 - the day we will announce the winners! You can check every contest songs under the tag and follow VOCASYNTH (rus) group in VK!… @OfficialVolor #SynthesizerV #SynthV_Eleanor…

2022-02-14 07:03:37
KVL | Hidaomari @hidaomari

@094i820952 @OfficialVolor Не забудь подписаться на страницу Волоров)

2022-02-14 07:05:57
Eji @ejiwarp