A collection thread of artworks I did in 2020. With more focus on creating character birthday fanarts for IDOLiSH7 following a theme.
🍣semi hiatus🌸🌻a very tired sushi🍁❄ @od_sushiworks

there's not much from me this year but thank you all so much for the continuous support and wishing everyone a happy new year☺️ #artsummary2020 #Artof2020 pic.twitter.com/Yf8hReXWkA

2020-12-31 11:44:58
🍣semi-hiatus!🧡never forget🧡 @od_sushiworks

a nervous sushi🍣 making character birthday art most of the time🎂 || i7, a3, hypmic, twst, prsk and many others💫 || NOT SPOILER FREE⚠️|| read pin!📍