NEW TBKgao(label) 2021/10/1 とぼけがお @to6okegao

memo: i feel like i deserve to feel like this forever and i will | exciting!!excellent!!… chip rockのリバイバルが最近多い気がする

2021-10-01 01:53:57
exciting!!excellent!!💕✨ @superexcitebike

it’s band camp day go support an autistic trans artist and buy my tunes i worked really hard on them 💕…

2021-08-07 06:34:33
Doctor Popular 💉 💉 🎉 @DocPop

Dr Octoroc's "Soft Bits In". Chiptune covers of one of my favorite Flaming Lips records. A great follow up to Dr Octoroc's "In The RP2A Over The Sea", which covered the classic Neutral Milk Hotel album of a similar name.…

2021-08-07 04:16:33
リンク Doctor Octoroc Soft Bits In, by Doctor Octoroc 13 track album 32
HVB☆ @damifortune

uploaded my set from the LITTLE CHIP RAVE chiptune fest! several of these tracks will be showing up on a forthcoming EP, perhaps next month? :0…

2021-08-07 02:16:17
RoBKTA 🏎️🎶🎮 @RoB_KTA

Hey everyone! Is #BandcampFriday and if getting my soundtrack on a mobile game wasn't enough, here's a nice selection of high octane #digitalfusion bangers just for you! 🏎️ CRUISE CONTROL EP IS OUT NOW! 🏁… 🏁

2021-08-07 02:26:54
リンク RoBKTA Cruise Control EP, by RoBKTA 4 track album
Shnabubula @Shnabubula

Sometimes it's okay to grow a third arm in order to add a guitar solo. Nobody will judge you for it

2021-08-07 02:55:24
𝔎𝔩𝔦𝔯𝔯𝔢 @Klirre8bit

I just released my newest EP! This one has been brewing for quite some time. I am really excited to finally share it with you all!… #chiptune #8bit #GameBoy #nanoloop #gameboymusic #scifi

2021-08-07 02:05:23
リンク Klirre Starpiercer, by Klirre 2 track album 16
DonutShoes🍩👟 @DonutShoes

Here's the B-side of my new #chiptune #m8tracker single Resset / MOVEITORQUIT! Out now for #BandcampFriday go pick it up if you like the sound of it!…

2021-08-07 03:51:00
リンク DonutShoes Resset / MOVEITORQUIT, by DonutShoes 2 track album
n1k-o @nq_skrju

What do you think of this track to end the game? PS: And this is the last track from the OST \o/ #SOON #ZXSpectrum #OST #VortexTracker #chiptune #8bit #gamedev #indiegame #indiedev #homebrew #speccy

2021-08-07 06:03:29
iwamoo@SOUND CODE:00 @iwamoo_sc00

黄泉で足踏み(Vocal Version) @YouTubeより 2:21のシンバル係がなんか妙にツボって、コメント欄を見たら同じ部分に着目してる方がおられたので良かった。

2021-08-06 20:39:55
👻ʀᴏʙ🎃 @RoboRobMusic

‼️ MIZO 2 out now on @DESKPOPmusic ‼️ feat. collabs: @ThatAndyGuy, @Braz_OS, @captbeardd, @ShadyMonk, @TOFIEmusic, @jbradymusic, @KadeshFlow, & @FLOOR_BABA ‼️ House beats, energetic vocals, heavy bass, & jazzy keys ‼️ Download/Stream ~ ⬇️THREAD⬇️

2021-08-07 00:36:11
リンク RoboRob - Mizo 2

some music to emerge from your mechacocoon to

2021-08-07 01:18:26
Bubblegum Octopus 🌶🦑 @BubblegumOctopu

Q: What do ethereal synthpop, aggressive happy hardcore, over-the-top glitched breaks and gabbers with screaming, & ROMpler anime beach vacation music have in common? A: They're all on Perfect Again by Bubblegum Octopus (oh, thats me) 🦑 🏖 🐈‍⬛ 🔥 ⚠️ 🛸…

2021-08-07 01:44:12
リンク Bubblegum Octopus Perfect Again, by Bubblegum Octopus 3 track album 129
💫autumn🍁 @lavandesound

#chiptunesummer is upon us!! my third chip ep is out! 7 tracks including a long-overdue collaboration with @ThatAndyGuy and an ID from my set at MAGFest!! ☄️🌱Life On Mars🌄🪐:…

2021-08-06 19:44:17
リンク lavande Life on Mars, by lavande 7 track album
sincx @sincx__

while it is old and naïve, and i don't particularly care for it anymore, i do in fact have an album on bandcamp if you wish to support it; anything is greatly appreciated! and look forward to new things coming hopefully before the end of the year 😉

2021-08-06 23:32:18
リンク Sinc-X Big Package, by Sinc-X 14 track album
ヌトグラン @nutoguran

🧸個展『ヌミヤゲヤ』ぬいぐるみ作品🧸 『ハイカラモモンガ』お腹でオシャレを楽しむ陽気でハイカラなモモンガさんたち。「空を飛ぶとき一番目立つところだから、一番気合を入れたい」とのこと…☁️🍑☁️柄部分は全て新作のオリジナルテキスタイルを使っています。…

2021-08-06 23:40:22
MIDIs on Display @OnlyMIDIs

met12.mid 04.13.02 / 36 KB Metroid - Ending Roland SC-88Pro 「TiTo」

2021-08-07 00:00:02
リンク Spotify Chyptuna 2 Christerious · Album · 2021 · 8 songs.