鹿野護 @zuga

大蛇のテスト。浅い沼をうねうね蛇行し、とぐろを巻きます。Alembicファイルを作成しジオメトリキャッシュとしてインポートしてみました。 #GameDev #UE5 pic.twitter.com/Ctf6RqNj6Q

2024-02-18 17:13:07
Jan Orszulik @JanOrszulik

Collapse/Activation effect for Kinetic barrier, I had to take break from GUI. #screenshotsaturday #pixelart #indiegame pic.twitter.com/n73XfzvcCH

2024-02-18 03:08:03
Europa 🦋 Wishlist Now! @EuropaGame

"It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream." -Bern Williams. Happy #MeditationMonday. Wherever you are, try to catch the sun setting today. There's no such thing as a sunset that's not to like. pic.twitter.com/YaH8QZURXY

2024-02-13 01:49:17
Friedemann 🏠 making SUMMERHOUSE @Friedemann_A

Atmospheres of SUMMERHOUSE ☀️🌧️🌙🌵 I've always had a soft spot for weather in games (think Alto's Adventure 🥰) so I'm really happy I managed to add some different moods to this one! If you like weather, wishlist SUMMERHOUSE on Steam 💙🌻 s.team/a/2533960 #indiegames pic.twitter.com/DZsTutziLR

2024-02-10 01:32:43
Europa 🦋 Wishlist Now! @EuropaGame

✨ 20 seconds of soothing Europa ASMR ✨ The next time you step outside, listen to the sounds of the wind, the trees, and your feet as you walk on this beautiful planet. 💚 pic.twitter.com/BlrDJL7FFG

2024-02-07 03:56:19
Tiny Glade 🏰🌿 Wishlist on Steam ✨ @PounceLight

I was updating screenshots on our Steam page, and I made this winter diorama; figured I'd share a replay of it :3 pic.twitter.com/Wk65dIzxCj

2024-02-06 03:27:10
Jan Orszulik @JanOrszulik

I've integrated time flow manager and connected some other things. So here is little ~24h time lapse (only general simulation is sped up) while in zone view. Now, full disclosure: The game isn't designed for players to spend prolonged, continuous time in a zone, while the timescale in there is 1:1 with the real world. Hence, I am aware that the light direction in a zone doesn't change, nor do advanced atmospheric conditions like fog. All of which depend on several factors and are set when entering the zone, so, they are static in this video. #Precursor #Gamedev #indiegame #pixelart

2024-02-05 11:36:07
Europa 🦋 Wishlist Now! @EuropaGame

A sneak peek of Europa, a breathtaking world of lakes, meadows, and mountains to explore, scattered within the remains of a fallen civilization. We can't wait to share this world and its story soon. We hope that you all love it as much as we have loved creating it. 💙 pic.twitter.com/edls2hY78a

2024-02-01 14:17:25
するめまんじゅう@PROJECT SIX 制作中 @surumemanzyu

進捗!!! 以前から動画で紹介していた以下のアップデートをしました。 ・新ミッション追加 ・新パーツ追加 ・コックピット視点追加 +色々変更が入っています。 BOOTH,DLカード版共に,再DLでアップデート出来ます。 #プロジェクトシックス #projectsix #ロボゲー pic.twitter.com/6K7joC3VtF

2024-01-28 21:40:13
Friedemann 🏠 making SUMMERHOUSE @Friedemann_A

Atmosphere transitions in SUMMERHOUSE 🌙☀️🌧️ I'm getting ready for Steam Next Fest, so it would mean so much if you could retweet & wishlist the game if you haven't already 💙🌻 s.team/a/2533960 pic.twitter.com/DA5ZvUhyqp

2024-01-27 01:27:54
🇺🇦 Mishura Games making IMMORTAL 🇺🇦 @mishura_games

The updates have been slow, just not enough energy for them atm. But the game is becoming faster for sure :) Trying out the new ground dagger combo sequence. Overall super happy with the latest progress, working on a demo for you all to try out. pic.twitter.com/4C2N4gaEld

2024-01-24 06:46:23
Reclaim Interactive @ReclaimInt

New track we'll be adding to the demo. We've also overhauled the afterburner fx for visual improvements, including reacting when turning and repairing. Full vid: youtube.com/watch?v=hXX1co… #indiedev #gamedevs pic.twitter.com/sarU1M9urY

2024-01-22 00:46:54
Studio Thunderhorse / RONIN RUSH ⚔️ @ThunderhorseCO

Here's a first look at our new game in development... ⚔️ RONIN RUSH ⚔️ We've got SO much to show you over the next few weeks. For now, please enjoy a lil taste! ⛩️🗻 pic.twitter.com/G3BaSmv4by

2024-01-12 05:51:41
Cuber Chen / Solo Developer @DuiXiaoHe

o/ Everything is going smoothly! I will be signing up to participate in the 'Steam Next Fest' in June 2024! Unity Indie Game - Airtight City 2.0 - DevLog V0.1.9 #gamedev #gamedevs #IndieGameDev #indiegame #Steam #patreoncreator #madewithunity pic.twitter.com/etbZxDg1Yw

2024-01-02 21:54:02
Stray Fawn Studio @StrayFawnStudio

Happy new year from Stray Fawn Studio 🥳 Man, what a year it was! The Wandering Village celebrated its first birthday with over 1.5 million players so far😳 Plus we started our own game publisher and signed 3 awesome games 🤩 Onwards to 2024! *Blows horn* pic.twitter.com/0BBNgvdQjH

2023-12-30 23:28:19
Pavel Valakh @ValakhP

I was just thinking about sounds for building animation, like... probably I can record them myself.. with my mouth. Say no more! I swear to god, @OskSta did the same for Townscaper😆. Do you have some sort of story about that or I'm wrong?😅 pic.twitter.com/zidC1x5Uxe

2023-12-22 02:51:05
Terra Nil 🌲 AVAILABLE NOW @Terra_Nil

Revitalize a barren wasteland in Terra Nil, now available on Nintendo Switch 🌿 pic.twitter.com/qTClHUW1PA

2023-12-19 02:00:53
Pavel Valakh @ValakhP

Hey! I'm making a relaxing City Builder game set on an enchanting island. You can subscribe on regular emails filled with behind-the-scenes details, and all the latest news. Sign up➡️: mailchi.mp/995e1aa2a6d8/s… pic.twitter.com/tAimpGUgvy

2023-12-18 21:00:01
Vhalenn🐶MindVenture @Vhalenn_

Hi #madewithunity Friday ! Progression is getting better and better ! There is now a lot more things to gather and characters can level-up! #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev pic.twitter.com/I0dTI2X6we

2023-12-16 00:20:00
Devolver Digital Japan @DevolverJP

🌲荒れ果てた土地に自然を作り上げよう💧 "逆"都市開発ゲーム『Terra Nil』#NintendoSwitch 版を日本時間12月19日にリリースすることを決定しました! 穏やかな自然の音に囲まれて、荒れた大地に豊かな生態系を取り戻す癒しのゲームです🌿 pic.twitter.com/GDsaaY4kVH

2023-12-12 10:54:58
No Rest for the Wicked @wickedgame

Shape the fate of a tattered world in No Rest for the Wicked, a visceral, precision ARPG from the creators of the Ori Series, @moongamestudios. Coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Stay tuned: #WickedInside streams March 1, 2024. Wishlist here: norestforthewicked.com pic.twitter.com/4CR20WKvo8

2023-12-08 10:46:42
Wholesome Games @_wholesomegames

"Somewhere off in rural America, there's a missing terrarium that's been lost and forgotten." We're getting #WholesomeSnack started with the first-ever trailer for @Vivarium_Game, a gorgeous game about life inside a mysterious terrarium. pic.twitter.com/1ygfBN8szR

2023-12-07 02:37:02
Europa 🦋 Wishlist Now! @EuropaGame

Our game Europa finally has a launch date, we are so excited! Explore the ruins of a fallen utopia on Jupiter’s moon, and discover the intimate story of the last human alive… ✨ April 16, 2024 ✨ Wishlist now: s.team/a/2214880 pic.twitter.com/oTnPC82BBw

2023-12-07 02:25:24
Have a Nice Death @JoinDeathInc

🎮 Have a Nice Death is out on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One for $24.99! 🖤 As a holiday treat, enjoy a limited-time sale on PlayStation Plus and Xbox until Dec 18. 🎁💀 Now, grab your trusty scythe and show your employees who's boss! #HaveANiceDeath pic.twitter.com/RUBSz6X8Zu

2023-12-06 02:21:02
Europa 🦋 Wishlist Now! @EuropaGame

“Water is soft and humble, but it is the most powerful and is the most endurable.” -Debasish Mridha Hope you're having a lovely #MeditationMonday. 🩷 The seasons are changing. Stay warm and curious; find your center; and say thank you for the gifts nature gives us every day. pic.twitter.com/sXx39paMzW

2023-11-28 04:27:46
Vhalenn🐶MindVenture @Vhalenn_

Hi #madewithunity Friday ! Sometimes it's nice to go back where everything starts and think about everything that can be improved... #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev pic.twitter.com/JmEBpvbwsH

2023-11-18 00:27:30
Vhalenn🐶MindVenture @Vhalenn_

Hi #PitchYaGame! 🌸 MindVenture 🌸is a peaceful adventure game where you can create and share your own levels ! 🐶 Build your own team of explorers 🎨 Share your own islands & adventures 🏔️ Help others in this vast world pic.twitter.com/WHxV1qFuVw

2023-11-03 23:06:23

Everything is starting to gel together. Wishlist #ENENRA on Steam ! Remember to join the ENENRA discord server to keep up to date! Link to everything in the bio. ⚫️ #indie #indiedev #indiegamedev #indiegame #gamedev #gamedevelopment #gamedeveloper #ue5 #ENENRA pic.twitter.com/qED8SZ0dbo

2023-10-21 20:40:57
Europa 🦋 Wishlist Now! @EuropaGame

"For a time, I rest in the grace of the world, and am free." -Wendell Berry Happy #MeditationMonday. It's a new week, which means nature has new surprises for you. Run through fields, splash in the water, look up at the northern lights -- let nature delight you. pic.twitter.com/NkbAdCvpxH

2023-10-17 03:08:41

When accelerating towards wall, you now bounce off with dodging properties, allowing for cinematic moments! Wishlist #ENENRA on Steam ! Remember to join the ENENRA discord server to keep up to date! Link to everything in the bio. ⚫️ #indie #indiedev #indiegamedev #indiegame #gamedev #gamedevelopment #gamedeveloper #ue5 #ENENRA

2023-10-14 21:25:04
Anton @antonkudin

This, but all 3D. If your level design process is not WYSIWYG, don't talk to me ;] #gamedev #pixelart pic.twitter.com/zuCz0xsMdK

2023-10-06 22:25:01
Reclaim Interactive @ReclaimInt

While gatlings are superior for mid-distance, railguns are lethal at range but they generate more heat, have a slower rate of fire, and their limited gimbals require a more direct line of sight - so players who choose them should be confident at piloting. #indiegame #Indiedevs pic.twitter.com/ErkHgWu39q

2023-10-03 16:47:26
Europa 🦋 Wishlist Now! @EuropaGame

"Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully." -Kristen Butler On the first #MeditationMonday of October, be sure to admire the sunset. Saying goodbye to the current day and preparing to greet the next is always a cause for celebration. pic.twitter.com/l9Fc3cD2zS

2023-10-03 02:40:31
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