Yes, the red cross and Uzaki chan controversy still goes on.

※For non-weeaboos: Fujoshis ( Rotten Girls) are those girls who loves Boys Love aka homosexual relationship between man. Do you remember the gay kiss at Avengers: The Chidren's Crusade? This is the stuff fujoshis likes.

Yes, the red cross and Uzaki chan controversy still goes on.

Also, this is basically how much japaneses understand about western comics.

I tried in the past show how wokenes are killing comics. I tried to use western comics as cautious tale. I failed miserably. Because I am a weeaboo gamer, not a western comic reader.

Hell, I lose the debate about desexualization because I used the Karla Sofen to compare with versions of Carol Danvers. I should have seen more than the physical appearances that was EXACTLY THE SAME BODYSHAPE AND VERY SIMILAR COSTUME as if Karla Sofen were A CLONE.

I can not simply use youtube videos because LANGUAGE BARRIER. Also they would see comic reviewer youtuber as random guy with no value to be listened.

I trust Ya Boy Zack, Captain Cummings, Just Some Guy and Ethan Van Sciver when comes to comics review because I saw the comicsgate with my eyes.

But I can't comment on it in japanese without being criticized by talking shit without knowing shit. So I wont...Until somehow I find a way to how to wrap up all the infos necessary to PROVE how the wokeness ruined the comics.

まとめ アメコミの女性キャラは胸が強調されていないという ※個人の感想です。 ※言論の自由は憲法で保障されています。 以前ワンダーウーマンが胸が強調されているってことで降板させられたって話があったけど、あれは違うのかな? 109183 pv 464 11 users 239

↑If you know japanese, I recomend take a look.↑


ピンフスキー @hideyosino

お仕事終わって今来た人用まとめ フジョシさん「アメコミのキャラは露出多くて胸大きくても強調されてないから不快じゃない!」 以下ひたすら「要するに萌え絵キモい」のお気持ち表明 →アメコミのキャラも国連名誉大使になったのにフェミから非難されて2ヶ月で解任されてるよと突っ込まれる →鍵へ… pic.twitter.com/OiFDMKDSLj

2019-10-25 18:25:33

This is a brief compilation for the people who were at work when all this started.

A fujoshi said "American comic's female characters is not something you feel bad for seeing no matter how much exposed it is because the tits are not being enphatized."

Otakus counter argumented by citing the Wonder Woman got her honorific UN ambassator position but this was criticized by feminists and wonder woman lose this position.

Fujoshi locks the account.

もへもへ @gerogeroR

本気で言ってるの?単に絵の描き方の違いであってどう考えても太ももや胸強調してるし海外のオタクが性的な気持ち抱いてないわけないでしょう。不快にならないのは「まさにあんたの好みでしかない」って話やで。 twitter.com/jojo43_rena/st…

2019-10-25 14:51:59

Are you serious? It's just a different way of drawing. It IS enphatysing the tits and tights. No way "western otakus" (nerds) have no sexual feeling with those images. The only reason you don't feel unpleasant is because YOU like this kind of stuff.

なるみなるみち@『ウロボロス~あらゆる正しさへの叛逆者』執筆中 @naruminarumichi

@gerogeroR アメコミは性的なものはないそうで。 「ギャラクタ:パパは宇宙魔神」マーベルより pic.twitter.com/4wC5m9x2pg

2019-10-25 14:53:25

Somes say there are no sexual stuff in american comics.

"Galactus: My dad is a space devil god" from Marvel.

ほげやま @hogeyama

乳袋ガーってヒトはアメコミとかもダメなんかね?(´・ω・`) pic.twitter.com/H6Z3T5CxcS

2019-10-19 17:49:31

So, The ones who hate tit sacks can't into american comics?(´・ω・`)

スケアクロウ @Scarecrow209

@nokolover @mikagi_hack 横から失礼します。 確か、乳袋の起源は同人やエロゲでは無く、アメコミです。 乳袋の方が、衣服の皺等の表現をある程度省くことが出来、作画しやすい為だという理由で生まれた物だったはずです。 pic.twitter.com/jZ3W3JqwdN

2019-10-21 18:48:42

Tit sacks was invented not by doujin nor by hentai games. It was western comics.
Tit sacks was born due to this made clothes easier to draw due to be able to ignore some details in clothes like wrincle and crease.

TL note

I dunno if you get it but they does not uses current year comics in order to counter argument. There were even comission arts. Most of the images were comissions, requests and 5 to 10 years old comics. (Thanks @jc_stephan)

I myself don't know if these examples of acceptable imagery picked up by this jojo fujoshi is even current year but I bet those images are at least 4 years old.

アラ父さん @arato_san

アメコミの絵は露出が多くてもエロくないんだ、いやエロでしょ的な話題がたびたびTLに出てくるんですが、アメコミもポリコレやフェミによってかなり表現規制かかってたんじゃなかったっけ? 近年は全く追ってないからわからないんだけど。 pic.twitter.com/Cs5ozp4eqx

2019-10-25 18:16:22

People are talking about if western comics female character are lewd or not despite of how much skin it shows. This is appearing in my timeline quite a lot. But wait a second, wasn't the american comics too censored by political correctness and feminists?

I am not reading comics in this recent years so I dunno.

アラ父さん @arato_san

注※ 全て同じ人物です。 胸も尻もどこかに消えてしまいましたね。 pic.twitter.com/ZEXR3z4Vj1

2019-10-25 18:16:24

Obs: it's the same person.
The breast and the hip has gone to somewhere.

That's sad...

妖怪どんぶり小僧 @YuncQ79HKsavxiT

@unfmnsm2019 @king21_sz 旧ドラマ版ワンダーウーマンが人気だったのって、ひとえにパイ乙カイデーなお姉ちゃんが肌も露わな奇天烈な衣装着て、たどたどしいアクションやるのをニヤニヤ眺める所にあったと思うんだが。カッコいいヒロインになったのってリブート映画版からだろ?と。

2019-10-26 22:55:32

I think the old drama version of Wonder Woman was successful in the past because we watched with a smile in the face the tottering action with a big breast woman with a skinpy strange suits. She has become a cool character after the reboot movie, isn't it?

Miss Marvel was inherited to Kamala and Carol is doing her best to be Captain Marvel so it is OK! To be honest, Carol Danvers did not leave a good impression when she was Miss Marvel. Costume change was unavoidable but I think it is cool and very erotic so I think this is good.


Whoever is saying "America has a lot of censorship!! America is binded by political correctness!! Manga has no binding and it is how the creation of works should look like" when listen anything about american contents is a absolute minority, I think

あーめ🌈 @a_mememe_a


2019-10-25 10:29:49

I understood you like western comics and american propaganda illustration. But you must remember that every people have a kind of drawing that they like in the same way you have some kind of drawing you like? Don't you understand that you are being criticized for your nature of idolizing things you like while you smear stuff others like?

あーめ🌈 @a_mememe_a


2019-10-25 10:33:10

The discussion will became something like "The USA with those wonderful drawings must be a wonderful country with no racism, very low rape crimes and crime towards the children and enough blood in blood donation".....It has nothing to do with this.

長 高弘 (獣脚類ティラノサウルス科ズケンティラヌス) @ChouIsamu

ああ、全くだ 早く日本も「アメコミはポリコレのせいで〜」的なデマを撒くヤツが居ない国になって欲しい twitter.com/a_mememe_a/sta…

2019-10-25 19:04:42

Yeah, really. I want the Japan to become the country where people who says "American comics is fucked up because of political correctness" kind of fake news doesn't exist anymore.

あーめ🌈 @a_mememe_a


2019-10-25 10:59:32

I think if the face were redesigned in japanese preference by a male japanese he would be victim of feminist harassment.

あいくち💦🚽 @aikuchi0

コミックスゲートの件とか考えると、アメコミが女性キャラの扱い、だけでなく女性クリエイターやいわゆるポリコレを重視して、それが業界の内外で自覚的/意識的になってきたのってやっぱりここ4、5年のイメージ。 何故なら俺はリバースの時 Hell Yeah!スカイバー!と無邪気に喜んでたから

2019-10-26 00:19:31

Thinking about comicsgate, I think people become conscient about the way of treating the female characters female creators and political correctness in and outside of this industry 4 or 5 years ago.

Because I was hyped reading the Rebirth like an innocent kid.

アオミドリ @Aomidori2021

@aikuchi0 4chanとかだとコミックスゲーターが「アメコミヒーローはポリコレに日和ったからMANGAに負けるw」とか煽ってるんですが、ポリコレはアメコミにとっていいのか悪いのかどっちなんでしょうね? 個人的にはポリコレそのものよりはそれが公正であるかが気になる人間ですが

2019-10-26 00:31:07

Comicsgater in 4chan scolds saying "American comics lose to manga because it is affraid of being politically incorrect." but was the political correctness good or bad for american comics?
Personally, I am curious to know if it is just than the "politically correct" itself.

あいくち💦🚽 @aikuchi0

@alfred_2013 個人的に話題のコミックス、例えばカマラのミズマーベルなど、良い方にコミックが進化しいると思いますし、 業界トップのクリストファープリーストのブラックパンサーが長く評価されてるのもあって、コミックスゲートの主張自体がナンセンスですね

2019-10-26 00:43:01

Personally I think the popular comic like kamala's miss marvel is one of example that comics are evolving in a good way. Also the christopher priest's Black Panther are being praised even today. That makes the comicsgate`s claims meaningless.

アオミドリ @Aomidori2021

@aikuchi0 ですよねぇ、普通にコミック読んでる限りはそう思うんです でも4chanとかredditだときまって「政治と社会正義がアメコミをダメにした!」みたいな意見を見かけるのがなんとも… そもそもアメコミの歴史自体ライターの政治思想や作品を通しての政治へのコミットメントを通して発展してきたジャンルです

2019-10-26 00:45:30

I agree. This is what I get by reading the comic normally.
But when you go to reddit or 4chan you get those opinions like "Politics and social justice ruined american comics" and this is just....

In the first place, american comics's historical writers itself made commitment on politics with their works, It is this kind of genre.

あいくち💦🚽 @aikuchi0

@alfred_2013 ですね。 お前はXメンの何を読んできたんだ?って話ですからね(まあ読んでないのかもしれませんが

2019-10-26 00:49:06

Really, I want to ask what the hell did you read from the X-men? (Well, they probably did not read it in first place.)

NOBBON @nobnobnobbonbon

アメコミのセクシャルな画についての話題があったので、「アメコミのメジャー出版社に於ける性的表現の現在地」についてつらつらと。 まず、言えるのはコミックの中でキャラを性的に描くケースは、普通にある。 (添付はキャットウーマンとロイス・レーン) pic.twitter.com/DErVw2NYil

2019-10-25 12:31:28

I'm gonna talk some stuff because there are an talk about sexual stuff in nowadays mainstream american comic publisher.

What I can say first about drawing sexual the characters sexually in the comics is, it normally happens.

(Pic is Catwoman and Lois Lane)

NOBBON @nobnobnobbonbon

コミック本編の表現が発売後に、そこまで問題視される事はあまりなくて、例え批判が集まったとしてもそのまま単行本に掲載されることが殆ど。 (最近はバットマンのチンチンが修正されたくらいかな?)

2019-10-25 12:34:34

The drawings in the comic itself is not being considered a problem so constantly. Even if there are some critics, it is printed out normally most of the time. (I think the most recent case is the batman's dick being erased.)

NOBBON @nobnobnobbonbon

でも、カバーについては、発表後にその性的度合いを弱める修正をする事はよくある。 これはおそらく「表紙は店頭に並べられる」ってのと、「表紙のデザイン発表と、実際の出版には数ヶ月の時差がある」ってのが理由。 なのでこれがどう修正されたか?を見ることで、“ギリギリNG”の範囲が見えてくる。

2019-10-25 12:39:38